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For vets

Whilst hospital referral is right for many pets and owners, it isn't always possible or doesn't suit everyone.  If you would like to offer your clients another option for complex ophthalmology or soft tissue cases please give me a call, send an email or book below and I'd love to find out how I can help.

Referral-level ophthalmic diagnostic work-up for your cases, in your practice.  Equipment includes; Kowa SL-17 slit lamp, iCare Tonovet rebound tonometer (no anaesthetic required), Volk Pan-optic indirect lens for fundus exam.​

Ophthalmic surgical kit to allow lid, corneal and anterior segment surgery including; entropion (I'm a fan of complex pug cases), cherry eye, dermoid, distichiasis, epiphora, sequestra removal, surgical treatment of corneal ulceration (e.g. conjunctival grafting, porcine submucosa grafting, corneo-conjunctival transposition, SCCED treatment), etc.  Eyelid tumour removals and reconstruction are my favourite.

Medical treatment for eye cases, including; glaucoma, corneal ulceration, dry eye/KCS, uveitis, etc.


Work-up of soft tissue cases to complement existing investigations, including; targeted further diagnostics and imaging referral as required, surgical planning and owner consultation leading to fully-informed consent, clear pricing on an individual basis. 

Soft tissue kit, loupes and headlamp to allow surgery not limited to; airway assessment and surgery (e.g. BOAS), head and neck surgeries (e.g. thyroid/parathyroidectomy, sialocoele surgery, arytenoid lateralisation, oncological resection/reconstruction), GI and hepatic surgeries (GDV, resection anastomosis, cholecystectomy, extra hepatic shunt attenuation, etc), urogenital (ectopic ureter correction, urethrostomy, cystotomy, etc.) perineal (e.g. perineal hernia repair, anal sacculectomy) and reconstructive surgeries. 

Anaesthesia and analgesia planning and guidance for each procedure, including loco-regional techniques and post-op management, tailored to each case and to practice resources. 

Clear communication with the owner and your practice throughout, with patient records completed within 24 hours. 

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Please call, email, or feel free to book a date on the calendar below

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